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  1. What is griefing? [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    We define griefing as the act of modifying and/or destroying others' creations without their permission. It can also take the form of verbal harassment, malicious conduct (such as attempting to crash the server), victimisation, spam or otherwise any act which may bring distress to our players.

  2. What anti-grief measures are in place? [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    All our servers are well equipped and more than capable of dealing with griefers on a daily basis. Each server has a real-time log of block changes which can be rolled back at any time, hourly map backups and regular map saves. Our Classic server has building-right protection and additional zone and map protections in place.

    In other words, we are very wary of griefing and have a zero tolerance for it.

  3. Someone has griefed my creations! What do I do? [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    If a moderator (or higher) is present on the server, feel free to notify them and they will ban the offender and/or rollback their damage if required to do so. If in the unlikely event there is no staff member on, feel free to let us know on the forums and we will investigate the matter as soon as possible.

  4. I have been incorrectly banned. What should I do? [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    Please send us a ban appeal through this form and we will investigate it as soon as possible. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible.

  5. Are infinite redstone loops banned? [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    Infinite redstone loops are permitted under the condition that they are not left on for long periods of time.

  6. What hacks/mods/clients are permitted? [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    With regards to our Survival/Creative server, the only client mods permitted are aesthetic mods (such as Sonic Shaders, matmos sounds, texture packs, etc) or interface/shortcut mods. Any malicious mods (such as ore finders, x-ray, nukes, super pickaxe, chat spammers, aliasing, mob finders, etc) are not permitted and will result in an immediate ban.

    For Classic, the only permitted client is WOM.

  7. How do I earn the Trusted rank? [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    The Trusted rank is given out to members who are seen as trustworthy in the community. There are no specific 'factors' required to attain this rank but we do look out for friendly players who frequent our server often. This rank has access to player teleportation and a variety of powerful perks and consequently this rank is not handed out lightly.

  8. My rank has not updated on the server [ RETURN TO TOP ]
    As the server ranks are only synchronised upon login, your first act should be to reconnect to the server by logging out then back in. If this has not worked, do not fret, you can forcefully reload the ranks on the server by typing /cbsync while in-game. In the case that your rank has still not updated then please let a staff member know or leave a message on the forums. Staff members frequent the forums very often and will be able to respond to your problem within a very short amount of time.

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