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Announcements / News / Regarding Wars, Claiming, and Territorial Disputes
« on: November 20, 2017, 12:51:25 am »
Recently, there's been a whole lot of war-talk on the server, and I'd just like to lay down in text the server policy regarding these types of things because I don't think we've ever explicitly stated them as rules before.

The tl;dr is wars are banned, but of course, that's an incredibly vague and up-to-interpretation statement, so here's the detail.

1. Any activity that violates server rules is worthy of punishment. This is the number one thing to keep in mind, especially when dealing with wars. The big rule to keep in mind is General Rule #2 "Do not harass other players." Almost every war or dispute will boil down to this at some point.

2. Wars and territorial disputes for the sake of history and lore are "acceptable". This is only for wars and territorial disputes that do not physically occur. Saying something like "Nation X and Nation Y had a territorial dispute in Year Z" as part of your lore is fine, just as long as said territorial dispute didn't or doesn't actually occur.
     2a. Territorial disputes in themselves are neither acceptable nor punishable, but they will almost always steer punishable due to the tension and potential harassment attached. If you believe that your land is being compromised unfairly, please have a staff member see the situation over and assist in drawing a compromise between all parties involved before anyone resorts to rude words or actions.

3. "Claiming" is not allowed, and is ever more not allowed when doing so with military builds. The only way in which you are able to claim land is by working actively on a project. Anything between an almost-complete city hall and New Vex City ensures a 200 block protected radius around the project unless you have been allowed by the owner of the project to build within that radius. A single flag, tank, or hangar does not have the privilege of this protection.

4. Military builds are allowed as long as they are localized and built for "aesthetic" purposes. If you want to have a military base or a missile solo in your project that is all fine and dandy. As stated above, using these builds for external/claiming purposes is not allowed. Using these builds, even if localized, to provoke or compete with another party -- a la Cold War -- can be considered harassment and warrant punishment.

5. All in all, the staff's word is final. And that's the staff, not a staff. In most any situation, having one voice to settle any big issue or question is not enough. Small issues or questions like "remove this sign" or "can I get Player X's head" are fine to run through one staff member. Questions or issues regarding or relating to anything discussed in this thread should go through at least a few staff members, preferably including at least one SOP or Admin.

6. And lastly, some general guidelines for any situation -- Follow server rules. Use common sense. Don't be an asshole. Make sure someone else knows what you're doing.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Minecraft Discussion / 1.13 Texture Sweep
« on: July 21, 2017, 07:34:07 pm »
I'm sure there are some of you who keep up with Minecraft development, but to those of you out of the loop, 1.13 is going to be a pretty big update.

It's already been confirmed or rumored with decent support that 1.13 will include a number of huge technical fixes and additions, like custom crafting, a rework of the block ID system, data packs, and lots of other small changes. And now, over the past few days, Jeb and JAPPA have been revealing a number of texture reworks. It's since been confirmed that everything in the game will be eligible for a texture rework.

Here are some links to previews of some of the new textures. What are you all's thoughts?
Iron block / obsidian / birch log / tall grass
Peony / updated birch log
All logs
Jungle textures / cauldron / yellow flower
Diamond block / updated obisidan
Cobblestone / updated diamond block
Emerald block
Workbench / oak textures
Chorus flower / chorus plant / endstone

When the sweep is slightly more complete, they'll release a test resource pack and take community feedback.

So far, I'm a fan of the new logs, latest obsidian, and diamond block, but not too much else. Emerald is easily the worst change so far, but bricks aren't that far ahead in my book. I'll try and update this as I see new textures released.

General Discussion / AP Scores
« on: July 05, 2017, 10:32:01 pm »
For my fellow Americans and those Canadians out there, today was the first day of AP scores! Mine don't come until the 7th, but I'd like to hear how the rest of you did, and what AP courses you plan on taking next year.

General Discussion / Happy Ferfday!
« on: February 14, 2017, 01:50:01 pm »

Today is my birthday, and I like to make a big deal out of it, especially since I'm now older than Joe for just two weeks.

To all you non-birthday plebeians, Happy Valentine's/Single Awareness Day!

Factions / List of Factions
« on: February 08, 2017, 12:47:31 am »
NOTE: This will be fancified at a later date.

- Key -
** = Owner
* = Officer
+ = Member

Noctem [2]

Erudite [1]

Ruski [1]

Flapjacks [7]

Shurg [5]

PumpandDump [1]

Farcoast [1]

RaidersOfOdin [1]

DeexFaction [1]

Ember [1]

Minecraft Discussion / Screwed up my MC and don't know what to do. Help!
« on: January 30, 2017, 09:24:40 pm »
I'm a bit freaked out right now cause I made a big boo boo.

Last night, I was trying to get on but I launched 1.9 instead of 1.11. I right-clicked on the MC thing as it was opening and clicked "Close Tab" and switched to 1.11 and launched it. My MC automatically launches in full screen, and I think this is what's causing the problem, but when MC is open it just flickers black. To get out, I have to spam-click on Chrome in my task bar until I can close MC manually or until it crashes.

A couple other things to note:
     - I'm using the experimental launcher, which is being rolled out to everyone Friday.
     - I was using OptiFine for both 1.9 and 1.11, but this happens in every version.

I've already tried deleting and re-downloading the launcher but that didn't seem to work. And that's about the extent of my knowledge. I'm scared to touch my game files cause I don't want to corrupt anything. Does anyone have any advice as to what to do?

Until this all gets sorted out, I'll be resorting to Minechat if I want to get on. Hopefully I'm back in action soon.

Server Discussion / PSA: Hyperloop
« on: December 23, 2016, 04:54:49 am »

General Discussion / One Thousand Posts + One Year on Staff
« on: November 14, 2016, 06:24:57 pm »

Not that much later than 5 years and I've hit another big milestone. My one year on staff was a couple weeks ago, but I was waiting until I got up to the 1000 post mark so I could go ahead and kill two birds with one stone.

Anyways, it's been tons of fun staffing so far. It's really given me a reason to stay around, work on fun projects, and be the best community member I can. I've gotta give a big thanks to all the current staff members (especially wolfy) for being super cool people and helping me get to where I am today. Another big thanks goes out to all the community members for being equally awesome and fun to play with. A few select of you, who probably know who you are, have been amazingly good friends and give me good reason to keep doing what I'm doing, and I couldn't thank you enough for that.

I'm hoping to stick around as best I can for as long as PCB ends up lasting; let's aim for two thousand posts and a whole two years.

As usual, I'll excuse you all from my rambling before it gets too bad.

<3 <3 <3

General Discussion / Five Whole Years! (Well, Off and On)
« on: August 20, 2016, 04:19:02 am »
I joined the PCB Classic server 5 years ago. Damn.

It's been 5 damn years.

Of course, I've been on and off, taking breaks every now and again, but it's crazy to think I've actually managed to keep coming back.

So thanks to all of you for being awesome people and making this server so addictive. If it weren't for this excellent community, I would not be here today.


General Discussion / Pokémon GO Megathread
« on: July 09, 2016, 02:21:07 pm »
Just thought I'd go ahead and make this thread as a discussion place for all of the Pokémon GO players on the server.

Still pretty new to the game, so once I know more, I'll make this post look prettier and more official. As of right now, just go ahead do whatever.

Also; I'm about to get lvl 5. Which team should I go for?

Completed Events / 20ł - aka 8000 Blocks of Potential
« on: May 17, 2016, 09:01:44 pm »
     Hello, members of PCB! I've been looking for ways to remain somewhat active while I'm in a bit of a creative dip, so I thought I'd launch a friendly competition!

     20ł was inspired partially by YouTuber SQRTdude who recently help a similar competition. His focused more on mapmaking and use of command blocks in a 20 by 20 by 20 block space, but my version of the competition will focus more on building and aesthetics.

     So if you couldn't tell, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build something super cool in a 20 by 20 by 20 block space. I have already set up plots at /warp 20cubed, so don't worry about that. The goal, overall, is to have fun and explore building in compact spaces, but there will be a few criterion you should be aware of.

     1. Stay within your borders. At the contest warp, you will be greeted by small, quartz cubes. Anything within these cubes, as well as the cube itself, is fair game. The layer of black glass at the floor is the bottom layer of your build. You may not put ANYTHING outside of the borders of the quartz cube, or your build will be disqualified. You may, of course, delete the quartz cube.

     2. No obscene, offensive, or troll builds. This competition is meant to be lighthearted and fun, but there are always limits. If you think any of this stuff is funny, go back to 4th grade. The only things that can push these boundaries are dank memes. (Rule 2.5: Don't be a memestealer.)

     3. Be unique and creative. This competition is meant for experimentation. Take some risks. Try some things you may not have tried before. You have 8000 blocks to work with in your build. Make every single one of them count. I will log any builds that are too similar to each other and disqualify any copiers. If you see someone going for a similar idea, try and modify your plan to fit something else.

     4. Don't build a rectangle. And if you really have to, make it the best god damn rectangle in Minecraft.

     5. If you are making anything redstone-related (which is totally allowed), don't make it a lagfest. 'Nuff said.

     When your plot is being judged, I will evaluate it based on 4 different attributes.

Effort - The amount of work you put in to the plot, and how much it shows.
Creativity - How well you used the tools that you were given.
Design - Whether or not the plot looks good and functions well.
Accomplishment - If your plot is meant to be a house, make sure it looks like one. For redstone and technical plots, make sure it works.

First Place - $1000 in-game money and a forum badge
Second Place - $500 in-game money and a forum badge
Third Place - $250 in-game money and a forum badge
Participation - forum badge

- GTA San Andreas
- Saints Row 4 (GOTC Edition)
- Rome Total War Collection

If you wish to participate, say so below, go to /warp 20cubed, claim a plot, and start building.
For any further questions, you can put them here, or send them to me privately in-game or through the forums.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

General Discussion / Requesting Naming Help!
« on: May 06, 2016, 12:41:02 am »
I'm working on a project and I require names for islands based on clans that inhabit them. There are 10 islands, each of them based around a pair from a list of 5 elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal). I'd like the names to sound fantasy-ish. Don't give me crap like "Forest Land" or "Fire Land". That's boring and unimaginative.

Here's the list of islands with a description:
earth/air - mountain folk
fire/earth - hawaiian-style tribal
water/earth - magical grotto
earth/metal - cave dwellers
fire/air - mongolian tribal/warriors
water/air - seafarers: sailors, fishers, etc
metal/air - steampunk
fire/water - unstable, previous civil war, working to rebuild civilization
metal/fire - smithery and industry
metal/water - alchemy

Feel free to accompany your names with little histories/backstories. Those are helpful, but not needed.

General Discussion / Photo Thread 12?
« on: April 03, 2016, 04:51:09 pm »
Let's do it.

For those of you who haven't seen my face...

Spoiler (hover to show)

Announcements / News / [ PCB Monthly Bulletin ] February 2016
« on: February 28, 2016, 05:06:28 am »
The Bulletin is coming just a tad earlier this month.
I ended up finishing everything up a lot sooner than expected, so I decided I'd go ahead and release it, considering this is the first official Bulletin.

Here's the link for the document. All general comments should be left in this thread, and any suggestions or submissions should be sent to me through the form linked in the posts.

Starting next month, I will include BIRTHDAYS in the Bulletin, so please, if you haven't already, make a post in this thread, and I will add your name to the list.

Thanks for reading the Bulletin!

General Discussion / Birthday!
« on: February 14, 2016, 04:12:49 am »
So it's not my birthday quite yet (my time zone), but to ensure that I get this post in as early as possible, I am going ahead and making it. I don't want to waste 9 hours of valuable birthday thread time if I fall asleep before making this, do I?

So yeah. February 14th is my 14th birthday this year (champagne birthday, golden birthday, whatever you want to call it). It's also about my 4 1/2 year mark on PCB. So thank you to all of you that have already wished me a happy early birthday, and everyone who's been awesome for the 4 1/2 years I've been here.

Now, usually for birthdays, we find sarcastic cakes and post them, but it's my birthday now and I want dancing GIFs. Winner of the best dancing GIF will win a steak of approval from myself.

I'll start.

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