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Registration Agreement

By joining our forums and server you have automatically agreed to our terms written below. The rules written here apply to both forums and Survival/Creative/Classic server. We reserve the right to deny you access to our services for any and all reasons, regardless if the terms were broken or not.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the Terms of Services. While we will post announcements about any changes made, it will be your responsibility to check here for any updates to the terms listed herein. Ignorance of any rule is not an excuse.

[ Spamming ]

Under no circumstances are you allowed to create multiple threads or posts for the sole intention of increasing post count, or saturating the forums with irrelevant threads/posts. Double posting also falls under this jurisdiction. If you were the last one to post in a thread and want to add more, modify your existing post instead of posting again.

[ Harassment ]

The discrimination of any player or staff based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, looks, or rank within the server will not be tolerated. Trolling also falls under this rule and will be treated as harassment. Treat everyone with respect and they will do the same for you. Be polite and understanding of other players.

[ PG-13 Within Reason ]

We exercise Freedom of Speech, but within limits and reason. Children do visit our forums, although they should be watched by a parent, we won't enforce rules against swearing/cussing. However, excessive swearing can lead to small infractions. Racial slurs and/or downright disgusting vocabulary will receive swift punishment, as will images depicting pornography, drug use, and/or murder.

[ Staff Impersonation ]

The impersonation of any staff, regardless of their rank from Mod to Admin, is strictly prohibited. Either on forums or in the server, attempting to pose as staff and use it to your advantage for personal benefit will result in an immediate suspension of all services. Acting like a staff member and assisting others is allowed, however lying about being a staff member is not. Claiming you will ban someone or that you will get a staff member to ban someone also falls under staff impersonation.

[ Advertising ]

The advertisement of another Minecraft network/server/forum is forbidden. Posting another server with the active knowledge and/or intention of advertising it will result in a permanent ban of all PCB services. Discussing another server and/or posting Youtube showcase videos of other servers is not advertising unless you include the IP with the SOLE INTENTION of luring players away from our server.

[ Profiting ]

You may not, under any circumstances, profit off of our services provided. Donations will only ever be asked for on Any other website that claims to accept donations for us is a scam and should be reported to us. Individuals caught profiting or attempting to profit off of us will be permanently suspended from all PCB services.