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Author Topic: ** PCB Server Rules **  (Read 11994 times)

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** PCB Server Rules **
« on: October 17, 2015, 03:40:53 pm »
This list is subject to change without warning.
Rules in this section are enforced across all PCB services.
1.No Griefing
We have a strict zero tolerance policy towards any form of griefing. This includes (but is not limited to):
Editing any work which is not your own without prior consent
Creating imagery which is likely to offend others (e.g.: a swastika)
Impersonating a staff member (rank Mod or higher)
Any other act performed with the intention of causing grief or distress to another user.
2.Do not harass other players.
This includes (but may not be limited to) racism, sexism, spam, excessive swearing, and general disrespect to staff, or any other user.
3.Do not use any malicious client-side mods or hacks which give you an unfair advantage.
This includes (but may not be limited to) X-ray, schematica (auto build), creative block nuker, torch nuker, aimbots, any and all pre-made hacked clients (such as Nodus or Wurst).
Please note that this does NOT include Optifine.

4.Do not use any inventory exploits which give you an unfair advantage.
This includes (but may not be limited to) creating or obtaining anything in single player or another server that you CANNOT create / obtain on Project City Build and bringing it to this server (including saved toolbars added in 1.12). E.g. items or blocks with NBT that can harm others, items or blocks with NBT that gives an advantage over others (speed, jumping, etc).

5.Keep it PG-13 within reason.
We exercise Freedom of Speech, but within limits and reason. We won't usually punish users for swearing/cussing. However, excessive swearing is not allowed (as stated above)
Racial slurs and/or downright disgusting vocabulary will receive swift punishment, as will images depicting pornography, drug use, and/or murder. Racist jokes are included here.
6.No advertising
Posting another server's IP address with the active knowledge and/or intention of advertising it will result in a permanent ban of all PCB services.
Discussing another server and/or posting Youtube showcase videos of other servers is not advertising unless you include the IP with the SOLE INTENTION of luring players away from our server.
Advertising of other products or services is also prohibited, and will result in a ban from all PCB services.
7.You may not, under any circumstances, profit off of our services provided.
Donations will only ever be asked for on Any other website that claims to accept donations for us is a scam and should be reported to us.
Individuals caught profiting or attempting to profit off of us will be permanently suspended from all PCB services.

8.    PCB is an English speaking server. Players should only speak English in chat, and should have the capacity to understand staff instructions given in English.
Avoid overusing majuscules (caps) as they flood chat unnecessarily.

Rules in this section are specific to the Survival map on the main server.
1.Flying is for players ranked trusted and above only.
Any member or guest found flying in the survival map will face a minimum punishment of a 2 week temp-ban.
2.Only locked items are insured (chests, dispeners, etc.)
In other words, use the lwc plugin to protect your chests. Staff will not reimburse the contents of unprotected chests which are looted.
Items will only be reimbursed in the rare event of a server-side glitch.
Please note that looting from chests etc. is NOT permitted - this falls under griefing.
Entities are not insured, as they are not traceable, so keep entities secure.
3.Build out of sight from spawn.
Any area outside of spawn is available to be built on, unless outlined in the 'BUILD GUIDELINES' section below.
4.Do not leave infinite redstone loops turned on.
You are still permitted to make infinite redstone loops, provided they can be turned off. This is to reduce load on the server, and create a better experience for everyone.

5.Enderman XP Grinders are banned.
Do not use or create these grinders.
Rules in this section are specific to the Creative map on the main server.
1.Do not spam (or place excessive amounts of) entities.
Entities include (but may not be limited to): mobs, minecarts (all varieties),  item frames, armour stands, and banners.
2.Build out of sight from spawn.
Any area outside of spawn is available to be built on, unless outlined in the 'BUILD GUIDELINES' section below.
3.Do not leave infinite redstone loops turned on.
You are still permitted to make infinite redstone loops, provided they can be turned off. This is to reduce load on the server, and create a better experience for everyone.
4.Use of in-game money is not permitted in creative (e.g. No buying/selling)

These rules are specific to the BigCity map on the main server.
1.Seek permission from a SOP/Admin before building.
2.When building, please keep to the theme of a modern city.
Exceptions can be made for older architecture
3.Floors must have a minimum headroom of 3 blocks on upper levels, and 5 blocks on the bottom 2-3 levels.
4.Build right up to the pavement/sidewalk.
If your build doesn't reach the pavement, extend the pavement to meet your build, or ask a member of staff to move your build closer.
5.Please avoid editing the large roads.
Small roads may be edited to suit your building, but the large ones must remain as they are.
6.Please understand that buildings within BigCity may be moved or removed if they obstruct other plans, don't fit with the theme, if they are not deemed to be of a high enough standard.
7.Staff RESERVE THE RIGHT to alter, move, or remove your contributions without reason, but will only remove contributions in extreme cases.
8.No random builds outside the city limits without EXPLICIT PERMISSION

9. Staff reserve the right to copy any builds from any map into BigCity for use in the map (credit will be given where applicable)
The following are rules to be followed when building.
1.Do not build in towns without permission.
This rule still stands if the owner of the town has been banned or is inactive.
2.Build towns a reasonable distance from each other.
A 'reasonable distance' is generally out of sight from each other at a 16 chunk render distance.
Exceptions may be made where 2 towns have started this distance apart and grown towards each other.
3.Exercise common sense.
This means, for example, don't build your base next to another player's base without 1st asking.

4. Please reference this thread for rules regarding wars/disputes and claiming.
If you are confused by any of the rules listed, please ask a senior staff member (SOP+). 
These rules are specific to the Feed the Beast (FtB) server.
1.Do not steal/borrow anything without permission.
This includes taking 'just a bit' of stone from someone's 8.2million stockpile.
2.Do not plant Sacred Rubber Tree Saplings.
If you do this, you will not only be banned from FtB, but the main server too.
3.Do not use any blacklisted items.
4.Try to avoid living near Taint biomes.
In case you didn't know, Taint spreads and will take over the world if you let it.
5.Please report any bugs/issues to either Crass, Sacred, or Kyle.
Rules specific to the website.
1.No spamming.
Under no circumstances are you allowed to create multiple threads or posts for the sole intention of increasing post count, or saturating the forums with irrelevant threads/posts.
Double posting also falls under this jurisdiction. If you were the last one to post in a thread and want to add more, modify your existing post instead of posting again.
2.Do not 'necro' old threads.
To 'necro' a thread is to post in an old thread which is no longer relevant.
These rules are specific to use of the player market.
1.One shop per person.
2.You must not build outside the shop, unless to do signage.

3.You can change the colours/materials of the floors and ceiling.
4.If you do not develop your plot within a week of claiming it, the shop will be removed.
5.Keep your shops stocked!
Out of stock shops can get removed just like undeveloped shops.
6.Do not extend the size of your shop.
Do not build an extension out the back, or build overhanging ceilings exceeding 2 blocks along the front of your shop.
7.You are not allowed to sell your shop for items or money, shops need to remain free.
Rules that don't fit into any other category, but should still be followed.
1.Nicknames must be similar to your in-game name (IGN), and CANNOT be excessive in visible length (Up to staff discretion)
Exceptions may be made if a player is more commonly known by another name.

2.The Dev map is NOT a public map. Any use of the Dev map including the creation of maps at the map bank MUST be approved by staff beforehand.
3.Staff are not your World Edit (W/E) slaves.
Staff are under no obligation to perform W/E tasks for you. They can if they would like, but it is up to them.
W/E will not be used for flattening terrain.
Pestering staff for W/E after it has been refused will result in a 2 day temp-ban.
4.If you get kicked or banned, it was for a reason. Don't try to bypass your ban.
Refer to this thread.

PCB reserve the right to ban or kick a player from any or all services, mute a player, or punish a player on our services in any other way seen fit by staff regardless of whether any of the above rules have been broken, although we will do our utmost to explain our reasoning for any punishments given.
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Server Rules Changelog (28/Oct/2017)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2017, 10:47:17 pm »
This is a change-log of changes made to the rules thread as of the 28th October 2017 onwards.
(This reply will be edited when a change to the rules thread is made, outlining what changes have occurred)

26 November 2017 (MrFerf): Linked wars/claiming announcement post under the "BUILD GUIDELINES" section and fixed formatting errors caused by the update.
20 January 2018 (Wairoa): Added rule 2. under the "MISCELLANEOUS" section.
29 January 2018 (Mannriah): Modified rule 4. under the "GENERAL" section. - Mentioning Saved Toolbars added in 1.12
30 January 2018 (Wairoa): Modified rule 4. under the "GENERAL" section. - Removed "Malicious", since apparently it's a source of confusion.
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